Basic Steps to Fixing the JVM Error 545

Description: Your machine Suddenly no longer launches the BlackBerry application and now only display: JVM Error 545. it easy to fix it, you can fix it automatically With just one download and a little time (about 2-5 minutes including downloads) it is easily possible to get the machine running again.

First, the following programs are required:

Download driver software update, install it and run a free scan.

How do I fix this error myself?


To fix this jvm error 545 you need to fix the driver issues. it may be a corrupted driver, to fix the driver issues you need to update it. the best way to update your driver is to use a professional tool. Driver software is the ultimate solution to the blackberry driver issues. For jvm error 545 fix download driver software that easily update your driver so that you get rid of driver issues.

Another option is Installing FileCure, running its 100% accurate file type scan, and fixing the file types that are currently causing errors will only take you 2 minutes. (Download here).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding the missing or corrupt dll file or drivers manually is not officially supported by Microsoft or blackberry and should be performed with caution.

What causes this JVM Error 545?

When you have a blackberry phone that is has its configuration done incorrectly, due to the application loader having some errors or when some important blackberry files have mysteriously gone missing, then you will observe the JVM Error 545 message on your device. Generally, you get this problem if you are making use of a PC which is not being used in the right way and is not being maintained adequately. This problem should be fixed right away, as it usually acts as a doorway for ushering in more error codes such as jvm error 102.

jvm error 545 blackberry screenshot

jvm error 545 on my blackberry screen

Some of the other problems that could arrive if you delay in repairing a JVM Error 545 include a full-scale crashing of your computer, the dreaded blue screen and an inexplicable failure of your computer hardware. If you do not wish this to happen to your PC, then here are a couple of things you should do:

How to fix the JVM Error 545

First, go online and locate a free JVM Error 545 repair tool. There are a lot of those on the internet. Care should be taken to protect tour computer from virus attacks in the process. Of course, this goes without saying.

After you have finished the downloading of this tool, you need to install it before you can make use of it. After that, everything else is a piece of cake. You just need to launch the repair tool, which will scan the computer and fix all the errors causing the problem.

This software has been designed by its creators to locate errors on your computer and fix them. Apart from this highly appreciated benefit, it can also boost the performance and speed of your computer beyond your wildest imagination. It is also ideal for reducing the time from boot to viewing the start up screen; it also comes with the benefit of updating some of your computer drivers.

How to fix the JVM Error 545 – the handy way

If you do not wish to consult a technician and wish to fix the JVM Error 545 problem on your blackberry on your own, here are the steps to help you out:

First off, you should install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer. If you have already done this, then you do not need to redo this. Next you have to download, and then install the specific operating software that is adapted for the particular blackberry model you are using. You can easily download the operating software anywhere on the internet, or directly from the Blackberry official website.

Next, you have to take out the battery from your blackberry phone. With your blackberry device manager already installed, all you need to do is to open it, connect your blackberry phone to the computer using a data cable (USB cable)

If you do this right, then you should get a message from the blackberry device manager telling you that it is about to install the operating system over the original one. Clicking on the ‘next’ button will begin the installation of the new blackberry operating system on your phone.

Now, while the installation is underway, you should re-insert your battery in the phone.

Note that if you do not take care of the JVM Error 545 in time, other problems may develop. For example, if you do not fix the JVM Error 545, any application that accesses the files with the problem would also stop working. This computer scan is highly recommended if you have a system suffering from a JVM Error 545 error.