How to Fix JVM Error 513 on BlackBerry

Description: Your machine Suddenly no longer launches the BlackBerry application and now only display: JVM Error 513. But it easy to fix it. You can fix it automatically With just one download and a little time (about 2-5 minutes including downloads) it is easily possible to get the machine running again.

First, the following programs are required:

Download driver software update, install it and run a free scan.

How do I fix this error myself?


To fix this jvm error 513 you need to fix the driver issues. it may be a corrupted driver, to fix the driver issues you need to update it. the best way to update your driver is to use a professional tool. Driver software is the ultimate solution to the blackberry driver issues. For jvm error 513 fix download driver software that easily update your driver so that you get rid of driver issues.

Another option is Installing FileCure, running its 100% accurate file type scan, and fixing the file types that are currently causing errors will only take you 2 minutes. (Download here).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding the missing or corrupt dll file or drivers manually is not officially supported by Microsoft or blackberry and should be performed with caution.

If you have experienced a JVM Error 513 on your blackberry, you might wonder just what exactly it is about.

As a general rule, most of the phones produced by RIM are marketed for the business people of the world. As such, the phone puts much stock on security than the average phone. This is to ensure that in the event of a loss or theft of your phone, you do not get to have your sensitive business data in the wrong hands. There is a certain feature in your blackberry which ensures that when your password has been entered wrongly for a given number of times, your phone will instantly shut the user out and delete every single data on the phone. This ensures that a competitor or a thief doesn’t have privy to your important information. If, however, you happen to unluckily be the one who triggered this defense mechanism in your phone, you will have to go through the process of bringing back the operating system of your phone before you can even think of using it ever again.

JVM Error 513 error message

jvm error 513 blackberry

Causes of this JVM Error

In a situation where you discover that your blackberry phone is displaying the error message “JVM Error 513”, or “reload system 513’, usually after reloading the computer or rebooting it, just known instantly that your computer has entered a mode that is designed to protect the user. In other words, the computer has locked itself from the reach of anybody. This means that you have put in your phone password wrongly ten times successively. If you see the message “JVM Error 513”, just know that it is already late to recover your data, as once this message appears; your phone has already deleted all the information in it to prevent illegal entry. To fix this problem, you will therefore need a full reload of your computer’s operating system. find more about jvm error 102 blackberry.

How to begin the restoration process

First of all, if you do not have the blackberry desktop manager installed, you will need to install it on your PC. If you do not have it, you can go to the Blackberry website and check out the Desktop software section, and confirm the download for your PC as appropriate. Once you have completed the download, depending on your internet speed, run the installation so that the software can be installed on your PC.

Using a USB cable, now you have to connect your blackberry to your PC. When this is done, open the Blackberry Desktop software. When it opens, locate the “Device” menu. Under this menu, find and click on the “Update” tab. There is an option for viewing other versions of the blackberry operating software. Click on this option, and find the newest and latest version of the software and begin the installation. When this is done, there is a place for backing up your data. Do not check this box. It is irrelevant, since your phone had already deleted all relevant information before displaying the JVM Error 513 message. When you are ready to begin the installation process, click on the “install Update” tab. When this is done, properly close the Blackberry Desktop software program and eject your USB cable.

When you are done with this installation, you will discover that your blackberry has been restored to factory settings. If you have a previous backup of your blackberry files on your Pc, you can easily make the replacement through the blackberry desktop software. However, if you hadn’t done this, then you might have to pay the price of the JVM Error 513 defense – slowly gather your data again manually.