Removing Jvm Error 102 message from a Blackberry

Description: Your machine Suddenly no longer launches the BlackBerry application and now only display: JVM Error 102. it easy to fix it, you can fix it automatically With just one download and a little time (about 2-5 minutes including downloads) it is easily possible to get the machine running again.

First, the following programs are required:

Download driver software update, install it and run a free scan.

How do I fix this error myself?


To fix this jvm error 102 you need to fix the driver issues. it may be a corrupted driver, to fix the driver issues you need to update it. the best way to update your driver is to use a professional tool. Driver software is the ultimate solution to the blackberry driver issues. For jvm error 102 fix download driver software that easily update your driver so that you get rid of driver issues.

Another option is Installing FileCure, running its 100% accurate file type scan, and fixing the file types that are currently causing errors will only take you 2 minutes. (Download here).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding the missing or corrupt dll file or drivers manually is not officially supported by Microsoft or blackberry and should be performed with caution.

Have you been experiencing a Jvm Error 102 in your blackberry device lately, and have no idea how it got that way in the first place or how to go about removing it? Then, you need a little crash course on what a Jvm Error 102 actually is.

JVM Error 102 Screenshot

JVM Error 102 Error Message

A Jvm Error 102 is the standard error message you are likely to get on your blackberry phone if you encounter problems with some of the .cod files that are in your phone. When the .cod files have problems, a common occurrence is for them to begin to reset in a continuous cycle, and this results in an overall error in the system. The only way to get your blackberry back to good working condition is to totally wipe your blackberry clean of its original operating software and begin on the clean slate. This does sound horrible, agreed, but there are ways to get rid of the Jvm Error 102.

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Before you can begin this restoration process, you need to check that you have all of the following items to help you in clearing out the Jvm Error 102 problem.

You will need to have:

  1. BlackBerry Desktop manager
  2. Backups for your blackberry
  3. Java commander – You Can find it at
  4. blackberry device software

You will need these alone to finally be rid of the Jvm Error 102.

Get your PC and, if you haven’t installed it already, install the latest version of the Blackberry Desktop manager. This process is quite simple enough and you shouldn’t have any difficulty going about it. It should take a couple of minutes, tops to successfully install the Blackberry desktop Manager.

On installing, hook up your blackberry phone to your PC and run Java Commander. You should observe that there is a list of options available for your pick. Select option number five to wipe out the OS of your blackberry phone. If you have successfully done this, your phone will display a new error: A Jvm 507. This error actually indicates that there are no files to be read on your computer memory.

The next step is the re installation of the operating software through the use of the Blackberry desktop Manager. In the application loader header, ensure that you check all of the applications listed therein. Also, remember that you also have to restore your backup file.

Register the OTA again as well as all the other third party applications that usually come with the blackberry. The best way to go about this stage without minimum hassle is to ensure that you have all the registration keys, and this will make the reloading of all your blackberry software feasible and easy

Note that if you do not want to cause further complications and error messages worse than a Jvm Error 102, you should never install an earlier version of the BlackBerry Device Software than your blackberry phone uses. If you go right ahead, a lot of compatibility issues will arise and your software might just get fried.

For Annoying Nvidia problems such as nv4disp.dll

This is a fairly handy way to get around the problem of a Jvm Error 102. Up till now, there is no known way to get rid of this error without resorting to formatting your blackberry OS. Of course, it is a real pain, but at least there is consolation in knowing you can get your blackberry back to functionality. You can visit blackberry forums to understand ways to prevent your .cod files from being tampered with, as this is probably the best, safest and cheapest way to prevent a Jvm Error 102.